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Alpha Upsilon

hello Potential new members!

This August, Alpha Upsilon is welcoming another new member class into our sisterhood. If you have any questions about the Panhellenic process, continue navigating our website or view Oklahoma State's Greek booklet for more information.

Important dates for panhellenic recruitment:

August 1st

Registration for Formal Recruitment ends 



Move In and Check In

august 11th (ZOOm) & 16th-19th (IN person)

Formal Recruitment 

august 20th



letters of Recommendation:

Letters of recommendation are not required for Alpha Upsilon, but they help us see what your interests and personality are like! Having a recommendation letter allows us to get to know you better. 


meet ABBEY:


Dear Potential New Member,

Dear Potential New Member,

"As a Potential New Member, I had no idea what I was getting myself into in the beginning stages of formal recruitment. I didn’t know that, when I drove by that turquoise door during orientation, I was looking at my future home. I had no clue that when I walked into Zeta for the first time during open round of recruitment, I was seated two chairs away from my big sister. I didn’t realize that the PNM I walked past on the street in a hurry to get to the next chapter on my schedule would become my best friend and my roommate. I remember seeing so many confident women and felt inspired. little did I know, the same confidence would find me as well as I stepped into the most authentic form of friendship and love I had ever experienced. authenticity is hard to come by, but we seem to have hit the jackpot. I had no clue as a potential new member that I would become the vice president of membership and take on planning this entire process. as a woman of zeta tau alpha, I am proud to lead our chapter through recruitment as we join together to seek the noblest and continue filling our organization with incredible women. 

Zeta Love and Mine,