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Alpha Upsilon

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Kaitlyn kirksey

Student Body President:

Recent alpha upsilon graduate, kaitlyn kirksey was elected the student body president of oklahoma state university during her senior year. she has accomplished massive things throughout her term from proposing the recommendation for un-naming Murray and north Murray hall to working with administration to develop food insecurity and basic needs programs on our campus.

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Kaitlyn seiler

Oklahoma State Pom:

our sister kaitlyn seiler has been represnting oklahoma state pom since she came to osu her freshman year! we are so incredibly proud of her and all the hard work she puts into both pom and alpha upsilon.


breann loeber

Student Alumni Board & Student Foundation:

junior alpha upsilon member breann lober is involved on osu's campus in every way. she is majoring in chemical engineering and has found her home within the organizations that oklahoma state offers. 


Sara Szumski


our sister and oklahoma state graduate majoring in education was awarded a scholarship from osu alumnus bryan close to begin her career debt-free! only one person within the education department is awarded this scholarship. Zta is so proud of her!