new member Experience 


Alpha Upsilon

International Museum of the Baroque

lets do this thing!

zeta tau alpha's new member experience was designed to emphasize the values of the fraternity. each section of the program focuses on values found in the creed of zeta tau alpha that all zetas should “seek” in their daily lives, including greatness, understanding, purpose, sisterhood and nobility. Zetas across the country take part in this program as new members and learn values they carry with them throughout their lives.


strawb and coke dates:

strawb dates, short for our symbol the "strawberry" are dates within zeta. new members go on with potential big sisters. this will help the new members of alpha upsilon to meet a variety of mentors and friends within zeta tau alpha.

Coke dates, referring back to the '80s when sorority members and fraternity members would hang out and get coca-cola together. We still do this today, but rather than just grabbing a soda with our friends in the interfraternity council we have water balloon fights, get snow cones and ice cream or tie-dye shirts together!