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service Events 


Alpha Upsilon

coming together to Serve:

Together we will fight breast cancer. Together we all come to raise awareness over this cause. Together we program to educate our community about our philanthropy. These events show us and teach us first hand, how to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. 

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During our Think Pink Week in the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) one of the ways we serve is by handing out ribbons and lollipops with breast cancer facts, playing sports such as football and basketball on our Greek walk to remind college students and faculty that men can get breast cancer too, and overall getting people excited to donate to the cause. The members of Alpha Upsilon take time out of their class schedule to spread knowledge about why we all need to #THINKPINK.

survivor Night:

All gathered around the formal living room, sitting next to the ones we love most we hear the stories of survivors who have won their battle with breast cancer. We cheer and laugh and cry together and grow even closer to our organization and our sisters through this night. It is empowering and a night that we look forward to every year because we know it will be something that we never forget. We are so thankful for these women, and for their boldness to stand up and share their story.  


crown Classic:

Every year, fraternities at Oklahoma State sign up to play in our annual sporting event. They can donate money to our philanthropy to receive a buyback in the game. It is a fun event full of support and encouragement where we also get to share our heart behind the cause. 

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