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Alpha Upsilon's Women of hope:

here at Alpha Upsilon, we are dedicated to empowering the voices of the women around us. breast cancer affects the lives of so many people. each woman has a story to tell and for 1 in 8 women, breast cancer has become part of their story. we started women of hope in order to tell the stories of women who have fought or are currently fighting breast cancer. through this blog, we as a chapter are hoping to share the stories of survivors of breast cancer in an effort to give them a platform to share their story, spread hope to other women who have become personally affected by breast cancer and bring awareness and education to the community around us.

Woman of Hope

Regina Skidmore

"Overall, I have learned gratitude – to be grateful for the opportunity to have access to the advanced
medical treatments, research, and my circumstances. It is extremely important to have a strong support
system, while humbling to ask for help, it is very important for recovery."

Woman of Hope 2

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