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Alpha Upsilon

humble Leadership and Service:

The Alpha Upsilon advisors embody humility and service in every action they make. Our chapter members look up to these women for the way they live out the ZTA creed daily, "to prepare for service and learn the nobility of serving." from flying in from out of state to visit us, or driving hours a week to stay committed and involved in our chapter we truly couldn't do it without them.

Kayla Gibeault

Province President:

"I love Zeta because of the people, experiences and fun. ZTA has enhanced my life in more ways than I could have imagined when I accepted the Pledge Pin so many years ago. The women I call friends are of all ages and from all over the country. I've been loved, empowered and challenged to be the best me by my sisters."

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sara johnston

General Advisor:

"Zeta allowed me to gain leadership skills and meet so many sisters! I was able to have a safe landing if my leadership skills didn't work for something. I learned what worked for me with sisters supporting me along every step. I served as a National Officer and found so many sisters that I call friends. They are always there to support me. When I had my breast cancer surgery, my Tulsa Zeta sisters were there for me and my family. Being a new 60 year old, I can tell you Zeta is forever! I love Zeta!"


Kylee corken

Philanthropy Advisor:

"For me, Zeta was where I found myself and who I was. Going into college, I felt as if I didn't know myself and what I was passionate about and Zeta helped me find that. I found that I was a leader, I found that I was a friend, I found that I was super obsessed with all things philanthropy and serving others, and I found that I could be part of something bigger than myself. Zeta was home away from home."

Pam davis

Recruitment Advisor:

"My college Zeta experience built an incredible lifelong group of friends. I treasure the memories from living in the house and the experiences we had as a loving set of sisters. I did not realize how impactful these women would be for years following college. I’m forever thankful to have the friendships from Zeta!"


sarah johnston

New Member Advisor:

"Zeta means much more than just joining a group in college. It is a network of strong women that has supported me throughout college and after! Zeta has provided countless leadership opportunities that have guided me along my path. I am forever grateful for the many treasured friends that I get to call my sisters! Zeta truly is forever!"

michelle nisbett

Financial Advisor + Secretary Advisor:

"Zeta enhanced my college years and really molded me into a leader. But today, I count my Zeta sisters as one of many blessings! Zeta truly is forever if you get involved. Join an alumnae chapter or volunteer at a collegiate chapter - you won't be sorry! I love the fact that my Zeta sisters still include my friends that served as my bridesmaids when I got married; my daughter who is my Zeta sister; Zeta sisters much older than me that experienced the same rituals during very different times; and my Zeta sisters currently experiencing everything college has to offer! What's not to love???"


Mackenzie faulkner

Risk Reduction Advisor:

"Zeta gave me so much more confidence in myself than I could have ever imagined. In high school, I was very shy and wasn't into the "big group" scene. Once I was in Zeta I felt like my sisters always included me, knowing I was one of the shy ones and tried to bring me out of my shell! Over four years I finally learned it was okay to be whomever I wanted to be! Zeta also gave me the chance to improve my leadership skills, which has helped me in all aspects of my life since college. I also met my very best friends in Zeta, which is the sweetest of all things Zeta has given me!"

karen hauser

Panhellenic Advisor:

"Where do I start, Zeta is truly forever. Rush - or as it is now called Recruitment - was the hardest thing that I have ever experienced, but the minute I walked up to the Zeta house on Bid Day, I felt at home. My college years were the best due to all the love and support from all my sisters. Zeta helped me develop leadership skills by being an officer and getting involved in campus activities. With Zeta there was always a sister to laugh with, eat with, shop with, cry with and just be with, then and still today as my best friends are my Zeta pledge sisters. I am especially blessed to share Zeta with my sister-in-law, daughter, and daughter-in-law who all pledged Alpha Upsilon Zeta Tau Alpha. I continue to sing Zeta songs to my 3 granddaughters hoping one day they will "Hear the Call of Zeta"


jenna peters

Academic Advisor:

"Over the years I've learned to love Zeta for so many different reasons. Zeta provided the space for me to learn more about myself and the world around me. It's where I formed lifelong friendships, stepped into leadership positions, and learned the value of having a group of bright, enthusiastic, motivated women empowering each other to pursue excellence. As an alumna and an advisor, that group of women continues to grow. I love seeing how these values and experiences connect us all."

sara Wise

Ritual Advisor:

"When I moved to Oklahoma from Virginia, I was terrified because I did not know a single soul in the state. Shortly after moving, the Oklahoma City Alumnae Chapter welcomed me into their tight group with open arms – providing job leads, fun activity/restaurant recommendations and a solid support network. I was also eager to serve a local collegiate chapter and I was excited to take on the responsibility of serving as Alpha Upsilon’s Ritual Advisor. I love knowing that Alpha Upsilon is fulfilling the same rituals as Iota Sigma, my chapter back home. Regardless of where I call home, I am confident to say our Zeta sisterhood can be found anywhere! For that, I am forever grateful."


janet gaskins

Housing Advisor:

"Zeta is... sisters - not that 3 biological ones weren't enough! - who always love and support in good times and bad, no matter the circumstances; life - learning with sisters older and younger, near and far, smarter and wiser and experiencing good and bad, now and 47 years ago molding who we become and where we go; patient - waiting for me to return after wandering away; all this and so much more! Forever!"


Programs Council Advisor:


Marla Robinson

Historian Advisor:

Fallon Griffin



Jessica Pennington

Judicial Advisor:

"My college Zeta experience built an incredible lifelong group of friends. I treasure the memories from living in the house and the experiences we had as a loving set of sisters. I did not realize how impactful these women would be for years following college. I’m forever thankful to have the friendships from Zeta!"