ZETA IS Forever


Alpha Upsilon

The Alumna experience:

Zeta Tau Alpha does not end with college graduation; in fact, it is just the beginning of a whole lifetime of fun, friendship, and opportunities. For alumnae, ZTA is not four years; it's for life.


Notable Alpha Upsilon Alumnae:

Fun Fact: Courtney Parchman started her comedy career in our Zeta house by asking another sister to go outside on the front porch to take a video of her. Every day, Zeta Tau Alpha members encourage one another to excel and push themselves in whatever area they are passionate about. We value the way our sisters stand by in support of one another. It is our sisters' encouragement and service to one another that is able to get us to higher places. Alpha Upsilon is proud of the alumnae members who have achieved excellence in their fields and help one another make their dreams a reality.

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Susan Ford bales


1993 Special Initiate

Daughter of former United States President, Gerald R. Ford

Dedicated breast-cancer advocate and former spokesperson for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month for more than a decade

Co-chairman of the Capitol Council for early detection, a group of 11 wives and daughters of former Presidents and Vice Presidents

Courtney Parchman


Runs Average Fashion Blogger on Instagram

Favorite memory: "Any time we were all out on the porch hanging out!"

Current job: Comedy Central, Digital Content/Acting


Majored in: strategic communications

pledge class: pc'14

Majored in: Strategic Communications

Pledge Class: PC'14

savannah koontz

IMG_4587 2.JPG

Majored in: elementary education 

pledge class: pc'13


Runs the Trendy Gal Blog on Instagram

Favorite memory: Finally having Katie as my big and being elected Recruitment Chair/running Recruitment.

Current job: Teacher, Lifestyle Blogger, and New Biz Owner

Majored in: Elementary Education 

Pledge Class: PC'13

meghan vicinus parker

Zeta Tau Alpha's Executive Director

Served as the director of new chapters of the Kappa Omega chapter at Saint Louis University for five years.

Province President XI-B in 2014

Served as a traveling Leadership Consultant after graduating from Alpha Upsilon in 2002

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 8.46.56 PM.jpg

Majored in: strategic communications

pledge class: pc'14


Alumnae chapter member Benefits:

New friendships

Networking opportunities

Community service

Social activities

Collegiate chapter support

Mentoring younger Zetas

Leadership development

Personal growth

Promoting ZTA in your community

Honoring your lifetime commitment to ZTA


From enjoying a night out together on the town, to relaxing together painting or trying out new restaurants. It is all done while spending quality time with other Zetas. 

service & fundraising:

Connecting with communities through service strengthens the bonds of our sisterhood. From honoring breast cancer survivors to collecting school supplies for children, or personal care items for women's shelters. Serving together with our sisters is what impacts each of us and the future alumnae of ZTA.

Alumnae-Collegiate Relations:

Through collaborative programming of games and service activities alumnae and collegians get to see the example set before them of a lifelong commitment to the Fraternity. 

special interest programming:

No matter what you enjoy doing, having a sister beside you to enjoy the fun makes the moments more memorable. We are inspired by the diverse interests and talents each ZTA has and we program specific to your passions.

Alumnae programming:

IMG_6205 2.JPG

delaney nisbett - Alpha Upsilon alumna 

"Being a Zeta Tau Alpha alumna has enriched my life in many ways. It is true that sisterhood really is beyond just 4 years of college. I am so thankful for the alumnae experience and all that it has provided for me since I graduated from Oklahoma State University."