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why do we Think Pink?

Think Pink® is a registered trademark of Zeta Tau Alpha. Since 2004, this term has represented the overall theme for our Breast Cancer Education and Awareness efforts. ZTA members have distributed more than 19 million ZTA Think Pink ribbons to generate breast cancer awareness, to support breast cancer survivors and to honor those who have lost their lives to the disease.



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zta Ribbon:

Through local and national partnerships, campus and community initiatives, and the distribution of millions of pink ribbons since 1992, ZTA collegiate and alumnae members are dedicated to our philanthropy. By spreading the message of Breast Cancer Education and Awareness, ZTA sisters are determined to diminish this disease.


1 in 8 Women:

Because 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, this cause is personal to us. In Zeta Tau Alpha, we reflect on how if it isn't us who will be diagnosed, it will very likely be someone we know; it could even be one of our ZTA sisters battling the fight or any friends or family we have. Breast cancer touches the lives of many, and this is why Breast Cancer Education and Awareness is both Zeta Tau Alpha's national and chapter philanthropy.



An open letter from the Girl who Drives our passion:

There are so many things that make the sisterhood of ZTA incredible, and our passion for philanthropy and service is one of the best parts! our commitment to service is shown through our willingness to serve our greek and campus community in events like Into the Streets and Cowboython. Our passion for philanthropy can be seen through all things Think Pink!

Breast Cancer Education and Awareness is something that has an incredible impact on the lives of women everywhere. The statistics show us that 1 in every 8 women will have breast cancer during their lifetime; this is a statistic we desperately want to change. On Oklahoma State’s campus, we are doing our part to educate students on the risk and prevention of breast cancer.


ZTA has partnered with Bright Pink, an organization focused on spreading awareness about what we can do to lower our risk. Through Bright Pink’s Brighten Up workshops, we have had the opportunity to continuously share their message of prevention with our Greek, OSU, and Stillwater community. Not only are we spreading awareness, but we are also raising money and having fun while doing it!


Each fall, the Alpha Upsilon chapter hosts our annual Think Pink Week. Think Pink Week is filled with tons of activities that not only engage our community by spreading awareness, but by hosting events that allow us to raise money as well. The Think Pink Picnic is all about spreading awareness, sharing great food, and having fun! In the Spring, we host Pink Pancakes where once again we have the opportunity to invite the members of our community into our home, share some yummy food, and raise money for Think Pink.

As a sisterhood, we are committed to doing everything we can so that one day pink is just another color. It is such a special thing to be part of a chapter that holds philanthropy so near and dear to our hearts! I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the women of my chapter as we take on this task together. Sisters stand by each other through the tough parts of life and rally together against causes that affect us all. Breast cancer is a scary reality, it affects so many people near and dear to our hearts. However, the amazing thing about being a part of raising money for Breast Cancer Education and Awareness is that we get to play a role in finding a cure for this disease!


When I became a Zeta, I joined the fight against breast cancer, a fight for my mom and so many other boastful and strong women worldwide. to be a part of raising money for women going through this fight is a way to be a part of something bigger than ourselves; a way to join a sisterhood that reaches far beyond the Greek community. It is women standing alongside other women and reminding them that they are worth fighting for and that a cure is not beyond our reach.  


Zeta Love and Mine, & #Thinkpink,