what to Expect 


Alpha Upsilon

what does each round Look Like?

You may be wondering what each round of recruitment looks like, especially in uncertain times like we are in currently with covid-19. it is important to go into each round being your truest self, and we want to help you feel confident in doing so!


CONVERSATION POINTERS: Remember to be yourself and aim for genuine conversations. we want to get to know the real you, and the first round is a great opportunity to get to know us as well!

Open House

Round 1:

tips and tricks:

• be excited to share what you are passionate about! 

• record your introduction video in a quiet, nicely lit space that isn't distracting.

• showcase your personality through your choice of accessories/outfit.

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Round 2:


Round two is generally a day that becomes more serious for chapter members as they begin to really open their hearts to you about their national and local philanthropies. while some women will spend the entire time talking about philanthropies, you are encouraged to talk about anything that is important to you and at your own pace.

tips and tricks:

• If you choose to wear heels or wedges, bring comfy shoes to wear while walking from chapter to chapter.

• again, the attire gets a little dressier. a nice dress or skirt and blouse would be appropriate.

• research philanthropies you might not know about to form questions you might have for chapter members.


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sisterhood Round 3:

CONVERSATION POINTERS: take the time to ask questions about the chapter and financial commitments. The third round is also a great time to ask the members questions about what it is like to live in the chapter house, they will likely have stories they can share with you about their experiences.

tips and tricks:

• review the financial transparency form in your 2020 recruitment booklet with your parents prior to this day.

• Ask the members questions about the financial obligations of the chapter if you have any.

CONVERSATION POINTERS: the fourth round of recruitment is the last day potential new members and chapter members will have the opportunity to see each other before bid day and it is often the most serious and dressiest of the four rounds. on this day, we encourage you to ask chapter members any questions you have not had the chance to ask throughout the week. on this day, the chapter members will likely discuss with you why they chose their chapter when they went through recruitment.


Round 4:

tips and tricks:

• be genuine.

• spend time reflecting about your experiences over the past week.

• be respectful of all ceremonies and members who are sharing their sisterhood with you.

• the attire is the dressiest on this day. We recommend wearing a dress. be tasteful, and wear something in which you feel confident.